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Mortgages & Home Loans

Think Twice About Doing a Short Sale

A short sale is a payoff to the lenders for less than the amount owed on the total balances of all mortgages . A short sale requires the lender’s approval (any lender that...

Good Foreclosure News

According to statistics, although approximately 64% of some Eastern European country inhabitants said that they decided to buy a house or foreclosure, because of a government program, only...

Green signal for foreclosing Stuyvesant Town

Green signal given by federal court for foreclosing the biggest apartment complex in Manhattan – Stuyvesant Town – Peter Cooper Village.

Foreclosures Initiated by MERS being Challenged by Judges

The digital age of keeping land transfer records was ushered in by MERS. It was spawned by the mortgage industry itself. During the time of the housing booms the banks saved money and time by...

How to bid on the Nashville Foreclosures?

Real Estate Owned or the REO properties are those...

Home loans can be helpful to buy a new home.


home loans are the best way to buy your dream home but you must be careful during deal with financial companies.

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