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Production Equipment & Processes

Wafer Bonding: Selecting The Right Process For Making Powerful, Vertical LEDs

LEDs with a vertical geometry are promising candidates for deployment in solid-state lighting products because they can handle the high drive currents needed to deliver a high luminous...

Nanopatterned Sapphire Boosts Green Emission

Etching sapphire increases LED output through improvements in nitride film quality and light extraction.A PARTNERSHIP between US and Japanese researchers has...

Nitride Cells Start Delivering High Efficiencies

Reduced internal electric fields, rougher surfaces and the introduction of superlattices are helping to drive up the efficiencies of nitride solar cells COMPARED to lasers, transistors and...

Introduction to Automatic volumetric liquid filling machine

Based on the working of the filling system , there are many types of filling machines are available. Know brief detail about these kinds of filling machine

Technology of making perfect packing in net quantity.

Filling Machines are the best gift of technology to pack product precisely in required quantity.

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