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Nick Daws is our first "Visiting Author" with no less than nine reports on various aspects of writing.  Download one, or all and enjoy them! 


Nick is renowned for his "Write a Book in 28 Days or Less".   Check it out... just click on the banner here...



If you're an author and you're happy to share your knowledge in the form of free reports of at least 1500 words, hop down to the "Visiting Authors" section below, for more details. 

We're also constantly on the lookout for resources that can help our members... anything to do with writing.  As we find those resources they'll be added to this page.  Be aware that while the reports on this page are free (and most come with resale and giveaway rights), some "resources" are not! 

Once you've downloaded them... please don't let these reports simply gather dust on your hard drive... 


The more people you distribute these reports to, the more visitors to The Article Collection and the more marketers potentially using your articles!  Go to it!
































"Visiting Authors"

Terms & Conditions

  Your report must be high quality, without spelling and grammar mistakes.

  It must be available for people to download at no cost.

  It must be at least 1500 words and not more than 3000 words.

  It must be one of your own reports, not a rehashed article, please.  N.B.  If it started life as a PLR article or report, then you must have edited a minimum of 50% of it.

  It must be in Word.doc format.

  You may supply a psd file for the report cover, so that we can add "The Article Collection" link to that graphic.

  If you do not supply a psd file for the cover, you must be prepared for the report to be adapted to The Article Collection cover you see on the reports above.

  You may supply a 40 word paragraph about yourself and the report.  This paragraph may contain a link to a site of your own.  This paragraph will be included in the report.

  You may supply a photograph of yourself (head & shoulders); a jpeg file for inclusion in the report.

  Any report submitted, that does not meet the terms and conditions above, will be rejected without explanation.

  We reserve the right to refuse any report without explanation.

  This offer may be withdrawn at a moments notice without explanation.

If your report meets these requirements, go to

Lodge a ticket and tell us a bit about yourself, your background and your writings, including a link to at least one of your reports or eBooks. 

Please read these terms and conditions before submitting.

  If you're not a writer but are the owner of a product or service for purchase, that may assist our members, please supply details at    




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